The power of fun

Why is FUN important for family connections and harmony?

Do you remember when you were a child, playing with your friends, being carefree, happy and full of joy?

Or you had a nice safe and comfortable place, such as a space in your home, your own room or somewhere where you just felt safe and could be carefree, play or just day-dream?

Have you ever laughed until your tears rolled down your cheeks and until your belly really hurt, but you still would not stop laughing?

Why is fun important in balancing an adult’s busy lifestyle?

With the ever increasing workload and parenting duties, adults tend to forget about their own physical wellness and their needs, both physical and emotional. They are constantly rushing, worrying about their work, children and the household, worrying about finances, and as a result, this causes anxiety, stress and eventually diseases.

Adults should give themselves permission to play again and re-discover the joy and pleasure of fun. Find the joy you had in childhood. Start laughing again, so the joy can distract you from the stress of day to day responsibilities and bring fun and vitality back into life and relationships. Find joy, be kind to yourself and reconnect with ‘self’.

For adults, play teaches them to:

  • relax both body and mind, increase vitality and have more energy
  • relieve stress and learn to “navigate” emotions into positive experiences
  • reconnect to ‘self’.

In other words, having fun, having a good laugh and feeling relaxed is about remembering and reconnecting to the “child” in you. It is about remembering the carefree and belly pain laughter time, that is the time when you felt joyful, carefree and totally happy.

It is about remembering WHO you are when you are totally you, without the worries of being grown-up.

When you are in state of relaxed mindset, you will feel more tolerant, less stressed and anxious about what is in your life, be more present of your surroundings, thus having better relationships, not only with yourself, but with your family.

So whether it is walking in the park, having a game of basketball with friends, or just chilling out in your happy space, create some space in your daily busy schedule. Just go out and have FUN right now! Five minutes of smiling, calm breathing or chilling out makes a big difference.

Remember, self-care is not selfish, it is a necessity.

Have FUN!