The power of words

Be mindful of your words, your WORDS carry power

Have you ever experienced attending a political rally, and after the speech, you thought you have decided there and then that you knew who to vote for? Or attending a music concert, and thought you could marry the singer appearing at the arena?

Words affects emotions; they can either build someone up or break that someone emotionally. They can put a smile on someone’s face, raise their hopes, inspire them, bring tears of joy to someone, or they can crush the person’s dreams, hopes or spirit all at the same time.

Your tone, volume and the energy that you put into the words have tremendous effect; your children or the person you are speaking to can feel the energy and feelings / emotions attached to the words.

This has been proven by a Japanese scientist Dr. Masuru Emoto, who took photos of water samples when they were crystalising into ice. They form the most beautiful crystal when high vibrational words such as prayers, “I love you”, “thank you” are spoken.

Words affect our emotions and thus affect how we think and perceive ourselves, our lives, and the world around us.

Let’s look at how words impact on you as well as other people, such as your family.

Self:  Our own words, what we say or think about ourselves can increase or decrease our level of joy within ourselves. They can affect how we feel about ourselves – from how we label our day to ourselves as a whole being.

For example, if we wake up in the morning feeling up tight and moody, we will have a tendency to be harsh on ourselves and often use words that are less kind.

Let’s picture you standing in the mirror in that unpleasant mood; what you tend to see and feel are the worst in yourself. So you have the potential to judge your body, your hair, your skin, your face …  

What this will do is to make you will feel worse; you will carry the lower vibe in you for most of your day. This could be why you may be feeling: down, miserable, frustrated like everyone is in your way. And you will probably make mistakes in your work or have a dispute with your co-workers, which would make your day even worse. You may miss your public transport or be stuck in a traffic jam all the way to and from work…

Get the idea?

However, on the other hand, if you’ve decided to change your perception, using the mirror example as above, add the tone of “love” to everything you see.

So if you see yourself in front of the mirror, instead of feeling disgusted, you will instead say “I love my body” “I love my skin” “my skin feels soft and healthy”, “I am having a great day”, “I love my smile”, “I feel so loved” over and over again and just SMILE … say all the higher vibrational words.

I can guarantee that you will feel the energy change. You can literary feel your own mood change.

How can you possibly feel unhappy when SMILING? So next time when you are unhappy or snappy – go stand in front of a mirror and SMILE :)

Family – how does your lower vibe energy affect your family?


When you feel angry and frustrated, this will usually follow – your tone and words you use on your children or your family are often harsh and insensitive.

The lower vibrational words that you could use are: “You are a mess”, “I really hate it when you mess things up”, “Why are you so stupid, can’t you think?”, “See what you have done, it is your fault…” “Hurry up, you are so slow” “How many times do I have to tell you? “ “You never listen” … Can you feel the unpleasantness swirling in your body?

You get the idea.

Imagine you are a young child – how would you have felt when spoken to this way by the person who is supposed to love and cherish you and keep you safe?

These words are “toxic”; they are hurtful and harmful, and could potentially put a lot of stress and fear in the child. Children could potentially be sick if they are constantly being exposed to harsh words in the long term.

Choose consciousness

On the other hand, you choose your words carefully while reminding yourself of your emotions and feelings. Instead of harsh words, you choose to use words such as “I love you” “I appreciate how you’ve helped me, it was a great effort”, “I appreciate your help, thank you”, “You mean a lot to me”…

How would you feel?

Even though you are upset and feeling really low, but you chose to switch your mind and language.  The moment you do that, you will instantly feel much calmer and more in control of your emotions. As a result, the whole energy and vibe in the family will be calmer.

If you choose to be conscious of your energy and your emotion each time you are agitated or feeling challenged, you will have a happier family.

You children will blossom; they know they are loved, and they feel joy, love and trust from you. They are happy and fun to be with. Your children will exude confidence and excel in their endeavours.

So, be conscious of the words you use on yourself and on your family, as your words carry power.

I am sharing this YouTube segment that I thought would be very empowering: The Power of Words