My photo: I took this picture while on the plane heading back to Sydney from Penang. The sun was just rising; you could see thick layers of clouds just within your reach. My thoughts are with the crew and passengers from the MH17 that lost their lives only days ago, while praying that we will arrive at our destinations safely in just a few hours.

Every day, the sun rises and falls. We wake up and go about our routines, then when the sun sets we head to our comfortable beds. We all have our routines, like making breakfast in the morning, rushing the kids to schools and activities, preparing evening meals, grocery shopping and other daily activities. These are activities
and habits that we do each day without even think about them.

It is only when we have the time to really sit down and relax our mind that we will truly appreciate what’s happening around us, like sitting in the plane where I had nowhere else to rush to. Or recently I had the pleasure of enjoying the Tanjung Bunga beach in Penang where, while having my breakfast, I had the pleasure of watching the sun rise each morning.

During these quiet times I start to listen, start to observe, start to feel, and start to notice things around me. I start to notice my being, my sense of purpose, what makes me tick, how to contribute more …

It is these simple pleasures in life that give us a sense of purpose, a sense of being. It makes you more aware of your purpose in life, more appreciative of what you have, and be more aware of the people around you. Deep down, you know what you want in life, and what you love and desire; however, overtime those needs and wants are often taken over by our daily responsibilities and our hectic lifestyles.

In order for you to find your purpose, make some time in your day, even for 10 minutes, to slow down.  Quieten down your mind and notice what’s happening around you, what you see, what you feel, what does the food taste like and perceive what you want in life. You can either think about it in your mind or journal it down.

Self love is about caring about your needs and wants, honouring your purpose in life.  Remember, self love is not selfish!