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I would like to share something really exciting with you today …

Over the past few years I had been thinking of writing a book, about my journey in Australia … and three years down the track, my book is finally here!!!!! And it is now available from Nyonyalicious store. (pdf format)

What is this book about?

This book is about my journey of learning, of growth, of awareness, about how to adapt and integrate my inherited culture, beliefs and values with the new culture.

From an overseas Malaysian student forging a new life in Australia, from a student to migrant parent, while learning the ropes of parenting. I realised how much my inherited values, beliefs and culture influences had impacted on my parenting with her children in the new culture.

For the first part of the book, I will be sharing with you my journey from a student, to a working professional and a new parent. The new ideas that I learned along the way, and how those new ideas gradually became my new values and subsequently and gradually replacing my inherited rituals and ideology.

However, for the major part of the book, I will be sharing with my journey with my children, as it was through the relationships with my children while maneuvering in a culture with different and conflicting parenting style, that resulted in the most profound life changing experiences.

This book explains how my strong Asian work ethics gel with the easy going work ethics in Australia. How the role of Chinese filial piety rituals fit in the parenting paradigm in Australia, and poses the question: “Do we lose our values when parenting in a different culture?”

You will learn about the my parenting journey in a foreign culture, which challenged me to re-evaluate my inherited beliefs, values and culture. My search for new wisdom in an unfamiliar territory of parenting, and working towards not only bridging generational gaps, but cultural gaps with my children.

I would appreciate your support with this book… If the above sentiment appeals to you in any way.

This book is written with all parents, especially the migrant parents in mind. If you find this book helpful after reading it, or if you know of any parents, especially migrant parents who may benefit from the content I am sharing, please forward the link of the book to them as well. Thank you and have a wonderful day ahead!

You can also grab this book from Amazonhttps://amzn.to/2M5vcvh (Kindle version)

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