I hope you are keeping safe and well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and to wish you and your family a blessed and safe Christmas.

It has been a very challenging time for everyone. Normally, this is the time for Christmas shopping, family gatherings, family trips and holidays. However, with the new variant of Covid19 still being active in the community, everyone is very vigilant and careful about travelling and celebrating the festive season.

As we approach Christmas and the new year 2022, we will still spearhead forward with optimism, weaving through the new normal of living with Covid19. Enjoy the festivity as best you can, even though sometimes the challenges feel like never-ending and can be very exhausting.

Let’s inject some positive energy into our communities. Wishing all of you, and your families, a safe and blessed Christmas and may the new year bring much needed relief to the global virus situation. Wishing you a happy and safe 2022.