I was having a conversation with a customer, telling her that I look forward to her feedback about the products she bought and possibly sharing few photos as well. I then received a note from the customer, saying “I am a stay at home mum cooking normal dishes at home, with no presentation etc etc  …”

This is the topic of today’s blog post – I want all of you to know that you are not just a home cook, you are much more than that …

To all the home cooks, let me tell you what you are:

  • You are someone who nurtures the family’s health with your delicious home cooked meals, and you are in control of what ingredients you add and use in your dishes.
  • Have you heard the saying when you cook for someone you love, you are sharing your love through those dishes you are cooking?
  • When you share your childhood dishes with your family, you are literally sharing your culture and your heritage. You are conveying things about yourself to your family, so that they can get to know your better through the story of your dish.
  • When you cook for your family instead of having take-away or eating out, you are actually looking after your household budget, as it is cheaper to cook for them home than to eat out too often.
  • Research have shown that when families eat together, they have better emotional health, with more loving, and children perform better and are more cooperative.
  • When you spend time with your children in the kitchen cooking together, you are not only sharing your love, you are making time to connect with them in a FUN way, thus opening up the channels for communications and closer relationships.

So next time when you are about to say… I am just a home cook… remember, you are MORE than a home cook. You are someone who brings your family together from your Tok Panjang!

Have a wonderful day ahead.