Make time to connect with your family

How long is 15 minutes? One quarter of an hour or 900 seconds – either way you see it, it is 15 minutes….

So what can you do with 15 minutes?

You can chat on the phone with a friend, cook a quick dish, drop off your child at the local bus stop, finish your sandwich / meal … in 15 minutes.

But is it enough time to connect with your child  – that is, in 15 minutes?

Of course!

Connecting with your child is about being attuned to your children’s needs so that you will know how to help them to meet their needs. It means being emotionally available to listen and communicate. On top of that, connecting with your children is about all the shared experiences that you have together with your family/children. It is those breakfasts you shared together, those jokes and laughter, the personal conversations with your child, how you settle your young child who is having difficulty handing his or her emotions… these are the kinds of connections that build over time.

Every minute you spend together is building the bond, bridging the understanding of each other and building a stronger and deeper level of relationship. It is the quality of the time you spend together that makes the difference. Remember, it is the quality and not quantity.

How do you establish connections within 15 minutes?

  • Having a meal together
  • A heart to heart conversation with your child
  • A BIG hug when you get home from work
  • Sitting down for an afternoon meal with your child when he gets home from school
  • Being emotionally available when your child tries to communicate
  • plus many more

15 minutes may sound a short time; however, it is about the quality of the connections rather than quantity. Remember, to a child, love is spelled TIME.

Have a FUN and connected day with your family.