The Little Nonya Hainanese Chicken rice mix is one of our most popular pastes in our range – and I can tell you why…It is authentic in taste!

If you love your Hainanese chicken rice, I would recommend you give this paste a try. Its taste is very authentic to the Malaysian/Sinagapore Hainanese chicken rice flavour. All you need to do is add half a packet of the paste to 3 cups of rice. Just add water to the rice and cook normally.

Half a packet of paste to 3 cups of rice

This paste is not just for the rice; I use it for cooking the chicken itself as well.

How? Add this flavour to other dishes

As you know, I try to find easy ways to cook/prepare my childhood favourite dishes, so to cook hainanese chicken, I will either:

(1) Add the chicken fillet into the rice cooker together with the Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix

  • Before cooking the rice, I added the chicken fillet together with the rice in the rice cooker. Once the rice is cooked, the chicken should be cooked as well.
  • Remove the chicken, and slice.
  • Add sesame oil and soy sauce to the chicken.
  • Garnish with spring onion.
  • Serve with cucumber and hot chicken rice.

(2) Steam the chicken with together with the Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix

  • Place the chicken on a steam friendly platter, metal plate or heat resistant container.
  • Add soy sauce, ginger and 1 tbsp of the Little Nonya Hainanese Chicken rice mix to the chicken and steam (on high heat) for 15 minutes.
  • Check at 10 minutes to make sure the chicken is not over-cooked.
  • Once the chicken is cooked, remove and slice.
  • Garnish with spring onion.
  • Serve with cucumber and hot chicken rice.

(3) Add the Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix to fish/any meant porridge

If you are cooking fish / meat porridge, to enhance the flavour of the porridge – add one tablespoon of Little Nonya Hainanese chicken rice mix to the porridge and simmer. I also add some dried shrimp for sweetness, fried garlic and ginger – julienned, salt and pepper to taste.

Give it a go. Make home cooking fun and easy with readymade pastes and sauces, and enjoy all your childhood favourite dishes.

Where to get your Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix?

Hainanese Chicken Rice Mix Hainese Chicken rice mix

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