I have written about making time and creating opportunities to connect as a couple, and don’t forget to have fun together.

I believe that in every relationship you need to put in some effort and work on it. Because in the midst of everyday ‘I am busy’-ness with work, children, family, friends, chores… worrying about finances… the person that we tend to take for granted the most is our spouse.

Here is a list of important things that will help to nurture a loving and happy relationship between you and your spouse:

Make time to connect as a couple


Make your family your priority.

Be conscious that any relationships (children and spouse) you need to cultivate are just like seedlings; you need to water, fertilizer and make sure they have sufficient sunlight, so that they will grow.

This care applies to relationships; you need to put in time to connect, communicate and add fun and joy into the relationship. Learn and grow together and support each other.

Make Time

Make time and connect as a couple.

I am sure when something is important to you, you will prioritise and make time to look after and nurture it. Relationships are no different. Making time for something that is important to you is telling that person that he or she is important, and that you value and love them unconditionally.

Set Intentions 

An intention establishes a direction of energy and activates the experiences you want. Set your intentions of having a happy, joyful and fun relationship where both of you will grow and flourish together.

When you set your intentions from a place of clarity and presence, you set your energy in motion and set the environment for the intentions to manifest the way you want it to be.


Self-care is not selfish; in fact it is a necessity.

Listen, you can’t take care of anyone or enjoy what life has to offer if you neglect to look after yourself. Take stock of what’s important in your live, such as your health and self growth.

By doing so, it is telling yourself you are worth it; you deserve to enjoy the happiness and abundance in your life. Also when you care for yourself – you will reflect your inner happiness out to everyone around you.

Finally, Don’t forget to have FUN!

Don't forget to have fun

Adults need fun too!

Fun is a wonderful natural medicine. No matter how busy you are, you need to make time for some FUN in your life. Fun with your family, fun with your spouse or just do something FUN for yourself.

It relaxes both body and mind, relieves stress and turns “negative” emotions into positive experiences, while letting you to reconnect to self, being happier and being more creative.

Have a fun and joyful day with your family.

Lovely Mature Couple Enjoying Food in a Restaurant