Seriously… I have never attempted to do my grocery shopping online. Yes, I believe I am the old fashion grocery shopper; I like to look, touch and feel the fresh produce before purchasing.

However, we have our local Woolworths store so close by, so I thought I’d give it a go.

Have I heard of the online shopping before? Definitely…

Could it help save me time with the grocery shopping? Yes…

But I am still stuck with my physical shopping, that’s why it has taken me so long to even consider it? Maybe it is the habit of the baby boomers? Or maybe I go to different  shops for different items, such as I have a particular fish shop, meat shop, Chinese grocery shop, health products shop etc, and that makes online shopping harder for me.

However last week, I thought I’d give the Woolworths online grocery shopping a go… starting with the basic grocery items.

So what’s my experience with the online grocery shopping?

Easy to get started and become more aware of what’s in store

It takes time to maneuver the site; however, it is not too hard after a short while of “surfing”. In fact, it can be quite interesting to really check out the products, read the descriptions more carefully, and become more aware of what stock they have in store.

Be more disciplined when ordering the products

Before adding any item to the cart, I have to ask myself, do I really need this or that? It is interesting as when we are in the store, we just add the stuff in the trolley and never question it. However, when you have the items in front of you on the screen, it makes you think twice before purchasing.

Better planning ahead

It really forced me to plan ahead – i.e. the weekly menu… i.e. what to cook daily and what treats to have. Normally, it is so easy to pop into the shop to grab a few things when we need them. However, now if I do the grocery shopping once or twice per week, I have to be more organised and really plan ahead.

Better with the budget

When I pop in and out of shops several times a week, it is harder to keep track of all the spending. However, when you have all the figures right in front of you on the computer screen… you can’t help but be more aware of the total spending for each grocery shopping.

Saves time

Honestly, it does save me a lot of time. I nominate a time slot when I would like to collect my grocery, and once they are ready, they will send me a text to me. I just have to text them ahead of time to inform them whether I am 15 minutes away or indicate a specific time to collect them. Then they will have it ready for me in the trolley at the front of the information desk. All I have to do is just pick it up and go!

Overall it was quite a pleasant experience. Will I do it again? Yes definitely!

Do you do your shopping online? Do share your experiences…

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