It is… I am enjoying the quietness in my study, looking out at the trees and enjoying the sound of the rain. I’m sipping my coffee and listening to soft music, feeling the peacefulness and the beauty of nature … while  getting ready to write today’s blog post.

I was actually planning to write about a fun maths exercise for the kids; however, I changed my mind. I would like to use this moment to express my thoughts in words instead; I just want feel everything that is currently surrounding me, the serenity, the peacefulness and the flow of my words on the screen. I thought it would be fit to write an article about grounding and gratitude this morning, and it is a good reminder to practice this ritual daily.

In our busy daily lifestyles, we tend to forget the little things in our lives, and is never too late to start this ritual again.

We have so much to give thanks to. Every single day we are living in this amazing beautiful and peaceful country, with abundance of food, shelter and loving people around, but most of all, we feel grateful for being surrounded by our family and the people that we care about.

Yes, we have our good days, our bad days and our so-so days. We have our ups and downs with our spouses, our children, friends, colleagues, and our relatives, whether they live close by or in a different country.  We can have some irritable conversations with our spouse, disagreement with our family members, frustration with our children, and the reminder of the never ending annoying daily chores to be finished.

However, by the end of the day, and after a good night rest and when your emotions had calmed down, if you look at the bigger picture, you will see things differently. Those upset scenarios were not as bad as they seem; you still love your family, your children, that messy house, and those little squabbles with family members etc.


Don’t you agree?

So, do make time daily to practice mindfulness. Remember to make time for just yourself. Honour who you are and be grateful for all those little beautiful things that surround you. You will start to notice and appreciate the little things around you, i.e. your family, your home, your health, your family and friends. You will realise how insignificant those little squabbles are, and not be upset with those little things that our children do to trigger us. And that mess around the house, it is  actually not that significant.

So when you read this article, remember to make sometime just for yourself either in the morning or before bed time. Remind yourself of the GOODNESS that is around you; remember how much you love your children, your spouse, your family and what they mean to you, and most importantly, how much you are loved.

Remind yourself of your health, the awareness you are experiencing, and the opportunities to create new adventures. Opportunities come by every single day!

Have a happy, joyful and connected day with your family.

I am leaving you with this saying:

“Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never, ever, have enough.”— Oprah Winfrey