The simplest soup ever!

This is one of the simplest soups you could ever cook. And it is full of nutrients from the array of fresh ingredients you can add, such as celery, onions, carrots, potatoes etc.

I call this soup the ABC soup, whereas my cousins and friends would call it the treasure soup. The beauty of this soup is there is no limit to the ingredients you can add. However, I stick to these basic ingredients for this soup:

  • Chicken stock – 2 x chicken carcasses (other stock of your choice)
  • 1/2 chicken fillet – optional or chicken drumpsticks
  • 2-3 litres water
  • 1 bunch celery – cut into small pieces
  • 1 whole onion – cubed
  • 2 x carrots – cubed
  • 2 Potatoes – cubed

How to prepare the stock?

The sweetness of the soup will come from the stock as well as the onion. As for the potatoes, I like to use pontiac potatoes or any potatoes that are suitable for boiling.

For faster results, I would make the stock, and once the stock is ready, add all the vegetables in the pot and boil for up to 1 hour.

It all depends on which type of pot you use; I tend to go for my can’t-live-without pot, i.e. pressure cooker. I only need about 20 minutes to make the soup.

Enjoy, and I’d love to see pictures of the soup you prepare.

Number of serving – 4 people
Preparation time – 15 minutes
Cooking time – 20 – 60 minutes depending on which pot you cook.

Kids and Cooking

Allow your children to join you in the kitchen. They enjoy being in your company and doing what you are doing. It is an excellent way to communicate with them, and bond and connect, while empowering the learning process through fun and play.

How can your children benefit from this exercise?

  1. They learn about maths – “cube”.
  2. Hand eye coordination – using a knife.
  3. Fine motor skills –  maneuvering  and using their hands to cut and wash the vegetables.
  4. Name of the ingredients
  5. Texture and smell of the ingredients
  6. Colour of each raw material
  7. Temperature of water boiling
  8. Learning how to combine those raw ingredients and produce a dish
  9. Your children will learn to trust their own abilities by developing new skills and confidence.
  10. The opportunity for you to connect and have fun with them.

Grab your fresh food ingredients: