Are you buying fresh ingredients and back to home cooking?

I have always been a great believer of making your home kitchen the centre of your home, especially as a place to share your love and culture with your family.

However, over the past 2 years, with the Covid pandemic, everything I have been advocating for, such as make one meal time a family time, connect with your children while doing your grocery shopping etc, had to be put on hold.

This is because parents are working from home and children were being home-schooled; everything suddenly changed. Many households were chaotic, busy, let alone having to prepare 3-4 meals a day for the whole family in between fulling their job requirements.

I fully appreciate what every family was going through and could see the shift of family dynamics.

Grocery shopping was also not as easy as it used to be with a city’s Covid restrictions; there could only be one family member visiting the shops. Further, there were occasional shortages of ingredients from the shops, let alone the fear of becoming infected.

It was also during this time that I could see more families resorting to ordering from restaurants rather than cooking from home. I was also in the same boat. There were days when I ran out of time to prepare 3-4 meals, and so we tried to order take-away meals from local restaurants. Another reason for having take-away meals was to keep the restaurants afloat during the pandemic restrictions.

Also, with the family working from home, it was an opportunity to walk and explore the neighbourhood more. This allowed us to take advantage of local eateries offering special late afternoon snacks.

However right now, everything is starting to open up, with schools reopening, and parents are starting to head back to the office. Though we still have to be very careful of the rising Covid cases.

Are you still ordering food from your local restaurants? Are you supporting your local businesses? Or are you buying fresh ingredients and back to home cooking?