Connect and have fun through grocery shopping

It is the school holidays, so I am seeing many families in the shopping mall and grocery stores. I have seen stressed parents hurrying up the children while grabbing what they need in the grocery isle. I have also seen children following their mum/dad walking along the food isles looking bored.

Grocery shopping does not have to be a stressed time with your children. How about you take the opportunity to make it a fun outing… Have fun connecting with your children, and change those bored faces into happy and enthusiastic faces, while they search for the products through the stores enthusiastically.

I have written many articles about creating connections with your children through grocery shopping. For today’s blog, I am going to share something that I created with my children while taking my children for our weekly grocery shopping.

Let’s now create something  fun and challenging for your children to focus on while doing your grocery. I can guarantee your children love challenges (age specific of course), and when you make shopping fun, all of you are going to have FUN!

This exercise is suitable for school aged GoKids. Use the planning and shopping list attached.


  • Involve your children, they will love it.
  • Plan a dish together and go through the ingredients in the recipe book (or online).
  • Go through the pantry and fridge, check for existing ingredients, and write down the ingredients needed.
  • Write down what other items you still need on that shopping list
  • Give it to your child. If you have more than one child doing the shopping together, divide the list among your children.

Download the shopping list:

Please use this list for every shopping time you have with your children.

Now go shopping together. Have fun with your children. Your relationships with your children are based on the quality shared experiences that you build together.

I would love to hear your feedback on this activity. Head to the Facebook Page and let me know 🙂