I hope all of you are well and safe. It has been a very crazy few weeks, and today I can finally sit down to pen a note to all of you.

It is a trying time right now for many families, as we have never faced this situation before. Many are homeschooling their children while having to cope with their own work at home.

On top of that, we have to remain in the house most of the time, and maintain social distancing from our family and friends, especially our elderly parents and relatives. It can be challenging.

I am an advocate of family connections no matter where you are in the world, and what circumstances you are in.   So here are 3 suggestions on how you can still connect and share your love with your family as well as the community.

Use the KITCHEN as an opportunity to connect and bond with your children

If you are at home with your children, this is the perfect opportunity to make use of the time together to connect with them. Once you have finished your work, and your children have finished with their online learning, invite them to the kitchen and get them to help you.

It is also said that food is the best medium to break through barriers; and food is prepared and cooked with love… Just give it a go and see what happens.

>> Refer blog post https://nyonyalicious.com.au/i-want-you-to-invite-your-children-to-your-kitchen-and-here-is-why/

Staying connected with our elderly relatives while practising social distancing

My uncles and aunties from Canada shared photos of their children and grandchildren visiting them. They had to communicate with their grandchildren from their balcony due to the social distancing practices for senior citizens.

My aunty would still cook their favourite food, i.e. curry puffs, noodle dishes, fried chicken etc. She will either leave the containers outside the door for their children and grand children to pick up during their visits or she would “throw” down goodies to them from her balcony and continue their chatting.

Take advantage of technology                

My parents who are in the 80s are currently staying in a convalescent home (due to my mum’s recent operation) in Penang. Their nursing home is currently in a lock down, so the residents are not able to see relatives and friends during this time. And unfortunately this is happening throughout the world.

My parents are starting to learn to use a smart phone with the help of the lovely nurses and carers there. The carers help them to use the phone to connect with their friends and families through Whatsapp for example.

As long as there is the technology, there is no reason for elderly family members to be cut off from connecting with loved ones, especially now we are just one click away from our family.

Connecting as a virtual group meet up

This year, we were not able to meet up for Cheng Beng as all travelling plans were cancelled. One of my cousins in law recently sent out an invitation for a group meeting/chat via Zoom. This is such as amazing opportunity to see and meet every body, and catch up as a group.

So you see, distance is never an issue with an internet connection, right?

Send a card / food to our neighbours

Card from a friend @JoanneQL

If you have elderly neighbours who are living on their own, maybe when you are doing your daily exercise, do drop a card or some home cooked meals at their door step. It will help them to feel less isolated and feel comforted knowing that the community is still looking out for them.

I am a believer that there is always something new you can learn or create while in a different situation.  So while you are isolating yourself in your home, make use of this opportunity to do something different, i.e. spend more time with your children, take time to connect with your relatives, and possibly become more connected to the community you live in.

Finally, do stay safe and healthy. We are all going through this together!