In another words, what Nyonya dishes will you be serving on your long table and you don’t have much time to cook those dishes?

First, let me explain a little bit why I mention Tok Panjang…

Traditionally, when we mention Tok Panjang in the Baba Nyonya / Peranakan terminology, it does not just mean ‘Long Table’; its actual meaning is serving up a lavish peranakan / Nyonya feast laid out on a long table during special occasions celebrated with family and friends.

So, imagine this scenario: you are hosting a dinner party for 10 people in a few days, including children as well. However, right now you are very time-challenged. But you would still like to serve up a decent meal for your guests, but would prefer to have dishes that:

  1. Do not take up too much time to prepare.
  2. Still taste good!
  3. And look as though you have given a lot of thought and effort to prepare them, and you can be sure your guests will enjoy them.

Is it possible?

Yes! You can prepare these Nyonya dishes in under 30 minutes (for each dish), AND the best thing is you can pre-cook these dishes and freeze them!

This is what Nyonyalicious method is all about – Nyonya Cuisine Made Simple! Ways to showcase authentic Nyonya Cuisine on your Tok Panjang, and yet be so simple to prepare!

Here are my suggestions for the dinner party of 10, with a children’s menu as well.

Based on our top selling Little Nyonya pastes, below are the dishes that I would recommend:

For Adults:

  1. Curry Chicken
  2. Seafood Curry
  3. Kapitan / Otak otak
  4. Rendang
  5. Acar Awak
  6. Nyonya Assam

These dishes can be cooked in under 30 minutes each. The pastes are super easy to use and taste amazingly authentic to Penang Nyonya Flavour.

As a rough guide:

  • Each packet of paste should be good for 900g – 1kg of meat.
  • Use fillet so it can cook faster, and you can use any meat / protein of your choice. I prefer chicken, so most of my recipes are cooked with chicken, as an example.

So here goes…

Curry Chicken  

Most versatile dish you can have….

  • 900g – 1kg chicken meat.
  • Add curry leaves & lemongrass for added aroma (optional).
  • Use coconut cream for the lemak/creaminess. Note: I don’t add coconut until it is ready to serve. You can cook and freeze without the coconut milk.
  • ALSO – you can add roti chanai to serve with this dish. Precook the roti chanai and place in oven to keep warm.

> Recipe and methods:

Seafood Curry

  • This paste is more the Penang Indian style curry. A really nice taste, just as good with or without the coconut milk
  • Use sotong/squid, prawns or any white fish.
  • Add curry leaves, ladies fingers / okra, tomato and onion (cut into bigger pieces)
  • Can precook and freeze (without the vegetables)
  • Cook the vegetables separate before serving.

> Recipe and methods:

Curry Kapitan

  • Curry Kapitan is more on the sweeter side compared to curry chicken, but tastes amazing! And it’s not very spicy.
  • You will need kaffir lime leaves for this dish to enhance the flavour.
  • You can pre-cook and freeze (without coconut milk/cream).
  • Add coconut milk before serving.

Recipe & Methods:

This is a bonus recipe using similar paste – Yes, Kapitan. If you are familiar with the Penang style Otak Otak, you will love this.

Otak Otak

  • You can wrap the otak otak the traditional way by using banana leaves or do the quick and easy way, and still impress your guests – use a heat proof plate (Pyrex for example), add the pastes, ingredients and steam it. Super easy and tastes delicious.
  • Use white fish – firmer and not overly “fishy” in smell.
  • You will need kaffir lime leaves as well for added aroma.
  • Keep in fridge for a few days, and reheat before serving.
  • Note – because of the coconut content – you can only keep this in the fridge for a few days. I have never freezed this dish before, so I unable to tell you whether you can freeze it.

> Recipe and methods


  • This is a dry-ish meat dish.
  • Feel free to replace the chicken meat with other meat of your choice.
  • If you have lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, add them to this dish for added aroma.
  • You will need “kerisik” for this dish, but to save time, prepare the kerisik a few days before and keep in an air-tight container.
  • You can pre-cook and freeze this dish and add coconut/kerisik before serving.

Recipe and method:

Acar Awak

This is a new paste that we have just introduced this year. It is a brilliant vegetable dish you can introduce to your guests, and I can bet it will be a HIT with all your friends.

Normally people are worried about the preparation (cutting the vegetables) and the blanching of the vegetables; however, just follow the recipe and you will be amazed how easy it is to prepare this dish, which is very authentic in taste as well!

  • Mildly spicy.
  • Use the cloth to gently squeeze the liquid out.
  • Nuts and sesame seeds will enhance the flavour – but leave them out if you have nuts allergies.
  • Flavour improves after a few days in the fridge.

> Recipe and methods:

For the Kids

Hainan Chicken Rice will be a HIT! And serve with cucumber.

  • You will never go wrong and it is so easy to prepare.
  • Use chicken thigh fillets, place them in the rice cooker together with the rice, add the pastes and cook together. As a guide – half a packet of paste to 3 cups of rice.
  • Or steam the chicken separately. Add 1-2 tablespoon of the paste to the chicken and steam. Add sesame oil to the chicken as well.
  • Cook on the day of the dinner party.

> Recipe and methods:
> Paste

So now you can serve up delicious Nyonya cuisine / Tok Panjang  for you dinner party to impress your family and friends with the Nyonyalicious method – Nyonya Cuisine Made Simple!

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