My grandmother (Mah-Mah) on her 100th birthday tea ceremony celebration
The one in red is me receiving a red packet from my grandmother.

I was talking to my mum yesterday and just realised that it had been 10 years since my grandmother had left us. Today’s blog post is reflecting on the memories of my beloved grandmother (mah-mah), remembering her love of her family and the fun time we shared together.

I had the privilege of growing up in the same household with my grandparents, even though it was only a very short 19 years. But the legacy my grandmother left behind was enough to imprint my values and impact the pursuit of what I am doing today.

So, what can I remember of my grandmother?

What I remembered most was accompanying her on her grocery shopping rounds at our local (Pulau Tikus) market. We would travel to the market either by the Hin bus, trishaw or by car. She would carry her shopping basket, and I would tag along, in charge of paying and counting her change while listening to her “haggling” with the stall owners – “Aiyoh… a-neh-kooi… etc etc etc”.

Some late afternoons, we would head to the Tanjung Bunga beach, waiting for the “sampan” / fishermen for their catch of the day. Most times, we would be too early for them, and while waiting for the sampan to reach the shore, we would “korek siput” (digging for small clam – siput remis) while waiting for the fishermen. Even writing this article, I can still hear the conversation that we shared while rejoicing on our catch for the day.

My favourite part of our daily routine was coming home from school; while walking towards the house I  could smell the amazing aroma of Mah-Mah’s cooking. She was heating the dishes up, while waiting for my arrival.

I can still picture her smiling face, greeting me at the back gate. She would normally sit down with me at the dining table, listening to my “story” of the day while I enjoyed my lunch.

After that, she would ask… so what would you like for lunch tomorrow? The thought of my favourite dish waiting at home and enjoying it with Mah-mah together – that was the most precious gift she could ever gave me. It was so special, having my favourite dish of the day and her cosy and loving company! I could never have asked for anything more!

Missing you every day!!!!!

Treasure your memories of dear friends and family, for they continue to be a part of us.

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My grandmother and I on her 100th birthday celebration