Torch Ginger Flower

Torch ginger flower is an everyday ingredient that you will find in any Nyonya kitchen. We use it in Assam LaksaNyonya Assam or any dishes that benefit from its unique aroma. Alternatively, it can be eaten raw in kerabu (salad). You can read more about Torch Ginger Flower in another article.

Let’s look at the two types of Torch Ginger Flower / Bunga Kantan in our Nyonyalicious range – the cooked Bunga Kantan / Torch Ginger Flower and our newest range is the dehydrated Torch Ginger Flower / Bunga Kantan.

In this article, when I mention Bunga Kantan, it refers to Torch Ginger Flower.

Cooked Bunga Kantan

Cooked Bunga Kantan
(Back in stock end of 2021)

We introduced the cooked Bunga Kantan in our Little Nyonya range last year. The Torch Ginger Flower is MILDLY cooked in oil to preserve its texture as well as the aroma of the flower.

The cooked Kantan comes in a handy 250g sealed bag, similar to the curry paste range. The shelf life is around 12 months.  However, once it is opened, you will need to freeze the portion that you are not going to use. Only keep the portion that you are using in the fridge, but for no more than 2 weeks.

How much do you need to use?

You only need to add a spoonful of the cooked Kantan to your Assam Laksa, Nyonya Assam dishes or any dishes that requires Bunga Kantan for the added aroma.


In December 2019, we are going to launch another range of Kantan – Dried Sliced Kantan / Torch Ginger Flower.

The Biotechnology processing approach of making the Dry Sliced Bunga Kantan

  • The dehydrated Bunga Kantan / Torch Ginger Flower is made from the pure flower – The outer layer of petals on all stems are removed, only the pure sweet flower from the middle section is used.
  • The process is using a dehydration system and low heat drying to retain the texture & aroma.

Why the dry sliced Kantan?

This is an alternative to the cooked Kantan range. It has a longer shelf life, and is lighter in weight. However, one advantage is if you want to make kerabu / Malaysian salad, this is a better alternative.

How to re-hydrate and use the Torch Ginger Flower / Bunga Kantan?

How to use?

You can add the flowers straight to your Assam Laksa, Nyonya Assam or other dishes and simmer.

How to re-hydrate?

If you want to use the flower for salad or garnishing, soak the dehydrated flower in warm water and soak for at least 15 minutes.

** To maximise the hydration process, please allow at least 10 minutes for the flowers to soak in the gravy / stock.

Hydrated Kantan

Above picture shows the hydrated Kantan as well as the dehydrated Kantan

You may ask how’s the texture and aroma? –  This is the closest you can get to fresh Kantan at this point in time!  I used the hydrated kantan for kerabu. The colour is as pink as the fresh flowers and the texture is crunchy.

How to store the dried Kantan?

Once opened, store in air tight containers.

Comes in 50g Vacummed Sealed bags

(In stock in December 2019)

From NOW until 15th of December, pre-order the dehydrated sliced Kantan and you only pay $19.95 (RRP $24.95) for every 50g pack.