Photo credit @Soon Hiang Penang

If you are from Malaysia or have travelled to Malaysia, you will know that Tau Sar and Tambun biscuits are popular biscuits in Malaysia, particularly in Penang. They are very sort-after sweet gifts by tourists when visiting Penang.

The Tambun biscuits, also known as Dragon Pearl, are the smaller ones and the Tau Sar biscuits are the bigger ones. Here is a summary of the differences between Tau Sar and Dragon Pearl biscuits.

You can also read about the differences of the biscuits from Penang famous biscuits – Tau Sar Pniah and Tambun Pniah part 1

Earlier, a customer rang up to find out about the differences between the two biscuits, as he used to travel to Penang and used to purchase the biscuits. He remembers the boxed and the paper wrapped biscuits and wondered whether they are still the same.

I rang up my go-to-biscuit shop in Penang – Soon Heang in Kuantan Road earlier, and asked them to provide some photographs of their packaging for me for this blog. So here are the explanations and the photos to show you.

Traditionally, the Tambun Biscuits or Dragon Pearl Biscuits are packed in boxes and Tau Sar biscuits are wrapped in paper. This method of packaging is still the same from this particular shop. Below are photos of the packaging from Soon Heang – one of the very few shops in Penang that still makes their biscuits by hand – the traditional way.

Tambun biscuits / Dragon Pearl

Tau Sar biscuits traditionally wrapped in paper
Photo credit @Soon Hiang Penang

Disclaimer – Please note that there are other great shops in Penang that still sell amazing biscuits in various different packaging to suit the market demand. This shop is just my own preference.

Nyonyalicious normally delivers both Tambun and Tau Sar biscuits Australia wide during the cooler months from April to August. However, due to popular demand, I still have some biscuits in stock for delivery during October. You can see the quantity on the order page. Once they are gone, they will not be delivered until beginning of April. But Heong Pneah will be available throughout the year.

Please go ahead and order the Tau Sar and Dragon Pearl biscuits while we still have them in stock.

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