Journaling – place where you may have the answers to all the questions you need answering

This is a very personal post – it is about my own journey of discovery and I thought it would be a good topic to share with you today.

Remember I talked a little bit about the benefits of journaling? When you journal, it gives you a place where you may have the answers to all the questions you need answering and it may help you unravel many issues.

This is my own story about journaling, and where it lead me by asking a little bit of help from the universe.

I love writing. So few years ago, I was curious about writing a book, and I enrolled in a writing course three times. I aimed to publish a quality book that I had in the back of mind for many years. However, I always stopped half way through and just could not understand why I could not find the “energy” to finish it.

Was it fear? Was it feeling not good enough? Maybe I don’t really know what I am writing about? How could it be when I have over 200 articles in my blog, and I am sure I can use some of the material to turn it into a book? But I just couldn’t continue – I just don’t have the answer as to why.

So I have decided to give myself another go by enrolling in the same course, which starts next month.

While planning my schedule, I started to feel uneasy, with unpleasant thoughts started to filter through… “What if I didn’t finish my book again? What a failure I am going to be… and it will be justifiable for people to laugh and mock me again for being ….” By this time, I could feel my increased heart rate, my tensed muscles and a very uneasy feeling in the stomach.

Usually, when I have uneasy feelings surfacing, my tonic is to reach out for my journal and pen down my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I put them into words, and at the end, I ask the universe for guidance and I will leave it. By then, I would feel much calmer.

I did not think much about it after that and started sorting out my papers for my tax return etc.  In between the paperwork, invoices, bank statements, sorting, and with no apparent reason, and I can’t even remember why I did that, … I was searching for books on Amazon. I came across a particular book with a title that resonated. I went ahead and downloaded the kindle version and started reading it straight away.  This book is about the author’s experiences and her journey.

Before I realised it, 3-4 hours went by with my pen, note book, my journal in hand and a racing heart beat – It was as if the author was walking my journey (well, most of it).

Remember that everyone has their own journey to walk and learn, so here’s mine. From the story in the book, I realised that someone out there also walked the same path as me, and she had shared her experiences, which are almost similar to mine, with all the ups and downs, fears etc.  It is as though I have found the “tonic” I needed …

My message is not about book writing, blame or shame; it is about whenever you are stuck or do not know what to do, reach out for your journal and pen down your thoughts, feelings, emotions and put them down into words.

It is a great way to unravel a lot of thoughts and ‘stuck’ emotions, which may be the thing that is stopping you from moving on in life. Who knows what you may discover in between all the words? Like the book that just “landed” in my search?

Remember… You are important! And self-love is not selfish!

Have a wonderful day.

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