Give yourself permission to be happy

As Parents, especially Mothers, we are by nature the carer and giver. Everyone comes ‘before’ you. It took me a while to really understand this but unless you are healthy, happy and in control, you can’t love or care for your family as well as you would have liked to.

In other words, you must make time to really look after yourself, getting to know yourself, and reassessing your programming from your childhood. Learn about accepting and loving all the parts that you have judged, start loving yourself, and allow the love to flow through to your family.

Give yourself permission to be happy! Do the things that align with who you are and activities that make you happy. For example, if you love to sing, join a local choir or sing loudly in the shower.  If you love painting, find the time to incorporate painting and drawing in your spare time. Do the things that align with who you are and without having to please everyone around you.  Take time for ‘me’.

If you are happy, everyone at home will follow suit!

Remember, self love and self care is NOT selfish!

This is a beautiful message from Terri Amos – Britt from The Enlightened Mom

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