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Blue Butterfly Pea Powder 50g

Blue Butterfly Pea Powder 50g


17 in stock

50g pack
Product of Malaysia
100% blue pea powder
Best by Date: Sept 25

17 in stock


I am truely excited to come across the butterfly pea flower and the powder in Australia. I have added it to my collection of ingredients for nyonya cuisines. Not only do I have the dried flower, but the powder itself. Now with the powder form, it will cut down the preparation time tremendously when cooking.

Butterfly pea powder in water

Now with the bunga telang powder, things get such easier. We just need to add water to the powder and you get the blue colours straight away. Fast and easy! Check out the video below.

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How to use the powder on rice?

Also comes in 250g pack (order below)

Additional information

Best By Date

October 23, March 24


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