Start reconnecting to your childhood dishes with readymade ingredients!

One of the many things migrants miss most is the food they grew up with.

Are you one of them? I know I do!

I have been in Australia thirty years already. During that time, there were very few Malaysian food ingrediants in Australia, and even if they were, it was expensive during that time. So we would starve my craving until the next trip back to Malaysia.

As a result, to save money, each time when we went back to Penang, we would bring back so many food ingredients from Malaysia, including home cooked frozen curry pastes. Most times we were over our luggage weight limit and had to repack our luggage at the airport, handing our longed for food stuff back to my parents. So much for bringing back our favourite food to Australia …

Yes, those were the times…

Fast forward thirty years later, I can say that right now, right here… whatever we need for our childhood dishes, we can literally get them in Australia.

How lucky and blessed are we?

Not only are we able to get the fresh ingredients from the shops, but with readymade pastes that are prepared with all the fresh ingredients from Malaysia to make the flavour as authentic as possible, there is no more reason to crave for our favourite childhood dishes.

Seriously, we have to thank those manufacturers and importers who worked hard to bring us our “connections” to our childhood and our culture right here in Australia with the amazing choices of dried and fresh pastes.

Imagine what the availability of the readymade pastes means to me personally?

I can talk about the endless advantages of having the convenience of the readymade pastes, but here are a few important ones:

  1. I have since stopped lugging ingredients back to Australia, which makes travelling much easier and more pleasant.
  2. I don’t have to crave for my favourite dishes anymore. All I need to do is add the paste to the raw ingredients and my favourite dish will be ready in 30 minutes or less.
  3. I can also introduce my favourite childhood dishes to my children. They can even cook them themselves, without fear of not understanding the spices and the techniques to prepare the dishes.
  4. It is very economical as well – imagine for the cost of a packet of paste you can produce a dish for 4-6 people?

But one of the amazing highlights for me with the readymade pastes is … coming home from work or a day out during the weekend and all you want is a nice home cooked meal, which you can now do.

With the readymade pastes – all you have to do is add the raw ingredients and within 30 minutes, you are presented with an amazingly delicious and authentic dish. How easy and convenient is that? You don’t even need to know how to cook… just add and meat, even your child can do that!

I am grateful for the convenience as well as being able to connect to my childhood dishes even in Australia, what else can I ask for?

So for those still craving for their childhood dishes, there are no more excuses for not satisfying your craving!