Involve your children, ; they love to help!

Involve your children; they love to help!

With our busy daily commitments, our main focus would be to try to use the little time everyday we have with our children and make it count. It does not have to be extravagant; your child just enjoys being in your company and being a part of what you are doing.

Though daily interactions with your children, you are creating opportunities to connect and bond. At the same time you are empowering your child to develop crucial skills for their development.


  • They learn to develop their motor and social skills through interacting with you.
  • They learn about themselves.
  • They learn to problem solve.
  • When you discuss and get them to contribute, they feel proud and confident about their abilities.
  • Interactions build connections and better understanding between you and your child.

So what is the best way to bond and connect with your children based on the limited time you have daily? And while creating the opportunity to empower them with the love of learning?

Sharing food is one of the best ways to connect, bond and empower.

Thus, I am using this recipe that I had just shared through 30-day My Favourite Malaysian Dishes, Binjee.


As you can see, this dish is made up of cubed potatoes, carrots, croutons… so how can you involve you children in this exercise?

  • Get them to cut the vegetables and breads into cubes.
  • Make sure that the sizes are quite even.
  • They can decide whether to add peas or capsicum for colouring.

How can your children benefit from this exercise?

  1. They learn about maths – “cube”.
  2. Hand eye coordination – using a knife.
  3. Fine motor skills –  maneuvering  and using their hands to cut the vegetables.
  4. Name of the ingredients
  5. Colour of each raw material
  6. Learning how to combine those raw ingredients and produce a dish.
  7. Your children will learn to trust their own abilities by developing new skills and confidence.
  8. The opportunity for you to connect and have fun with them.

Please do not allow the limited time you have daily to limit the connections and bonding. Your children look for ways to connect with you, and everyone has to eat, right? So why not use the opportunity in the kitchen to create the environment of inclusion and family connections.

Have a great day.