You are just a click or a card away from your loved ones

In my last blog post, I wrote about making time to connect with your loved ones, especially your elderly relatives, as they may be graciously aging.

I have met many people who, when they learned about their loved ones passing, were so sad. They suffered some inconsolable grief, as they regretted they had not spent enough time with them when they were alive.

It is very often that when we lose something or someone dear, that is the only time we realise that there were things that we should have done, or should have said, or probably  just spent more time with them.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is especially more important when you live overseas. You may only see them once everyone year or even every few years.

Another thing to keep in mind is also your children; they may be born overseas, or you may move overseas when they were very young,  so they may not know your relatives well. Further, they may not know their extended family, their culture or who they really are.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones is easy nowadays, with the advancement of technology. You are just basically connected with just a “click” away, whether through voice or text.

Also, if you love to write, always have a pen and writing pad ready. When you think of someone or feel like sharing your thoughts, just grab your pen and paper and start writing. Sometimes it is always handy to have nice blank cards on hand. Cards work well for senior members of the family.

I have a stack of cards on my writing table; I use them for birthdays, get well cards, Chinese New Year, Christmas, congratulations or just thinking of you… It is blank, so you can share your thoughts on that page.

Or you can use your own picture to create your own blanks cards. Choose from the designs on the site and create your own cards. Check out this link: I have created a video to show you how to create your own cards.

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Alternatively I have already handpicked the cards for you. It is 4 peranakan designs, which I had specially chosen for the cards.

4 cards per pack | 125mm x 190mm | Cards with envelopes

So keeping in touch with your loved ones around the world is not that hard. You are just a click or a card away.