Let's learn about fruits

The best way for your child to learn is first through FUN, and, secondly, by applying what they know through everyday interactions. The third way is by presenting challenges so as to increase their motivation and curiosity.

The photo above was taken during a trip to one of the local markets, and I was impressed with the array of fresh fruits, especially some that tropical fruits that I have not seen for a while. So venture into any store, market, park or any public places, and when you see something interesting, create a conversation topic around the activity.

Take a photo of something that takes your fancy, or better still get your child/children to take a photo. Then create a conversation based on the photo.

Learn about the Name of the fruits

So using the photo for example, there are a few fruits that I didn’t know or had not seen before. So I am using it as this week’s example – NAME the fruits.

Learn through senses

If possible feel the fruits/touch / smell … *** I could not recommend young children touching soft fruits.

Using our five senses is part of learning – feel the texture, identify the smell, see how the fruit looks, wonder how it would taste etc. By feeling the fruits, you are learning whether the fruit is hard or soft, whether it is prickly, smooth…, then see what colour and the size etc.

Learn to describe

Through touching and smelling, children learn to use description words – and it is important for language development.

I did a brief explanation via the video above. Have fun and let me know whether you’ve benefited from the exercise.

Have a FUN and connected day with your family.