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Must have readymade ingredients for Penang Aussie Home Cooks of today!

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Check out our premium anchovies, dried shrimp, Malaysian black coffee and teh tarik.

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Customer’s Feedback

This cooked bunga kantan is Amazing! I cooked it with some chicken straight away after it arrived! You can’t even tell the difference with the fresh one after you put it in your dish! Highly recommended!

Rio, .

Magical!!! The aroma and flavors of the freeze dried Pandan are intense just like the plant/leaves. I added to my pancake batter, love the vibrant green color. Very nostalgic. Brings back good memories of my grandmom’s kueh ketayap/dadar. This powder by far is my new favorite. Thank you.


I bought the 500g Richmond brand to supplement my daily Nasi Lemak sambal ikan bilis cravings, so happy when I saw the generous amount in package and quality of anchovies are so good. Thank you Nyonyalicious.


I cooked my acar to perfection using your paste & recipe. My friends & colleagues all gave very good reviews after sharing my acar with them. Thank you heaps.


Just as good as the real belachan. People with prawn allergy like myself will appreciate this product very much

Carol, .

I love this Pandan powder. This Pandan Powder is so handy and concentrated. It is equally good as my Pandan extracts. I don’t have to waste time blend the leaves and extract out the juice. Used it for my cakes and kueh. It tasted so fragrant.


My family love it so much, the paste is super nice and easy to cook.


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