This is a topic that I know many migrant families will face, especially for those living far away from their loved ones. It is one that I myself am currently facing, as so are many of my friends.

So I thought today would be a good day to share this topic with you… It is about how to support your aging parents when you are not around.

A few years ago I wrote about a similar topic on how to support your aging parents when you live far away from them.

So today’s blog is going to be on a similar topic, but from several years further down the track.

Fast forward a few years since my previous post –  my parents are now much older. Just last year, my mum unfortunately had a fall and required surgery and subsequently convalescent care. My dad was admitted together with her, as he too required personal care (since my mum was unable to care for him while she is recovering from her surgery herself).

This time round, the situation is far more different from a few years ago. My parents are much older and they require more physical care, so how can I support my parents when I am living far away from them?

With us living so far away from them, how can we support them?

I have heard so many stories from my friends far and near, some are overseas and some working interstate. We all have our work and family to attend to, and now with parents who need our support as well, how do we cater for our own family and also support our families overseas?

One of the solutions would be to try our best to travel back to our own home country to be with them and support them as often as possible. However, the plan is very short term. We would have a few weeks to spend with the parents, and then we have to leave, right?

Another solution would be to support them financially, so that they can have access to better support, i.e. a carer in the home to look after them, or a personal shopper if they can’t leave the home, so they can get purchase the things for them. Finances also allow them to have to medical support of their choice and their day to day basic necessities met etc.

The other solution would be to call them as often as you can. With the advancement of technology, you can connect with them as often as you like to offer them emotional support. Sometimes a simple phone call or a card is what they really need.

So, with so many of us living overseas, our parents will be facing the prospect of having to look after themselves in their golden years. So, how do you support your parents when you are not around? I would really love to hear your feedback.

Remember that every day we have our parents is precious!