Home cooked ramen in under 30 minutes

Have you heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

I grew up with sumptuous, healthy and hot breakfast almost every morning, and this particular ritual brought me great joy first thing in the morning. Even today, I still look forward to breakfast and what to prepare for the family.

I share this morning ritual with my family: start the day with joy and with a hot breakfast! And for me, I like savoury over sweet.

What does my “hot” breakfast look like? It can be fried rice, hot soup with rice, noodle soup, steamed buns, or curry and bread etc. As long as it is reasonably healthy, hot and savoury, it is good breakfast in my book!

I want to assure you – YES! You can prepare a hot breakfast under 30 minutes. For example, my ramen using leftover teriyaki fish and fried chicken. The leftovers may not look appetising, but they will give additional flavours to the noodle/ramen that I am preparing.

This is a very simple and quick dish to prepare. In order to get everything done quickly, I have to use all 6 burners on the stove.

One pan is to heat up (pan fry) the leftovers; one is to boil the ramen soup (soybean base); one is to boil the eggs; one is to boil the noodles (not in the picture). While they are boiling and heating up, I will be preparing the vegetables and tofu to go in the soup. I would prefer Chinese cabbage as the vegetable choice for this dish, but since I don’t have Chinese cabbage, lettuce will do.

This is the end result – Simple yet nutritious!

I left the fish and chicken in the pan, so my children will help themselves with them.

Time saving tip:

  • Serve the leftovers in the pan (my children are young adults – so no childproof equipment necessary).
  • Don’t hesitate to use leftovers for flavours and protein – save time from having to defrost and cook from scratch.

To give your family a head start to their day – start with sumptuous and nutritious breakfast! And having breakfast together with them would be another huge plus!

Bon Appetit!

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