One simple way to create connections for busy family

The level of co-operation from your children is related to the level of connections and love your children feel.

Connecting with your children and family is about shared experiences. It is about the things you do and share with your family together every minute of the day. For example, having breakfast together, shopping together, going for a holiday together, playing together, and communicating or even arguing …

So why is it important to make the space to create connections with your children in the morning?

When you start your day happy, you would have set the tone for your day. You will feel the fun and joy in your day ahead, and so will your family. On top of that, you will feel connected to not only the people around you, but also to yourself.

Nowadays, Facebook and other social media platforms are the main communication tools in your children’s lives, and we tend to see less and less of “real communication” in the household.

For example, you ask your child “How’s your day?”, and their normal response is “Hmm, it’s okay.”  The child shrugs their shoulders and heads off back to the computer or television.

Does that sound familiar?

We know that the more parents are attuned and connected with their children’s physical and emotional needs, the more their children will cooperate. With connections, children can thrive and be happy.

So if you want to start the day with joy, bright and happy, I have a solution for you…Let’s have breakfast together!

Ponder on this for a few minutes….

How often do you have breakfast together as a family?

Is your breakfast time always rushing?

Is breakfast time a time to trigger anxiousness and stress within you?

So why breakfast?

Breakfast time is a time where you get the chance to see your family and connect with them before the start of the day. Having breakfast together with your family is about sharing, communicating and enjoying each other’s company, which creates the bonding and connections. This is also the time when you would usually go through your schedule for the day. Even though the meal time may be very short in the morning, the connections and communications can be established for the day.

Connecting as Couple

This is another idea for busy couples to connect – make it a habit to catch up during breakfast time. Starting breakfast just 10 minutes earlier can make a lot of difference. You can enjoy your breakfast, read the newspaper while having a good conversation before the children join you later. This is fantastic way to connect as a couple.

Also, food, as they say, is prepared with love, and sharing breakfast together or any meal together is re-creating the love within the family. Don’t just serve food to them, join them as well.

Create connections with your family is your priority, and being busy is no excuse for lack of connections and bonding.

Have a connected day with your family.