The Benefits of Connecting With Self is you are able to find the confidence to strive for what you want in life and be the person you set out to be.

I truly belief in order for parents to parent or to guide their children in their life’s journey, they have to start with yourself. As a parent, your children’s future and well-being depend on you being your very best you can – so that you can guide and support them from a position of strength.

Parents, like anybody on the planet, are human beings. We have our own personal journey, our likes and dislikes, as well as our baggage from childhood. Baggage, such as our fears and beliefs that do not support us, are stored in our subconscious mind.

Your actions and inaction depend very heavily on your subconscious beliefs, as they are responsible for 80-90% of your thoughts and actions. What you say, how you behave, how you react to situations – these are directly correlated to your subconscious beliefs.

Your negative beliefs may look like:

  • You are easily triggered.
  • You blame your kids for your moodiness.
  • Your life is chaotic and out of control as you have a hard time setting boundaries.
  • You feel resentful that all the family burdens are on your shoulder.
  • You feel that you have to sacrifice your own happiness so that your family will be happy.
  • What you say or do has little impact on your family.
  • You are constantly judging.
  • You feel sad and frustrated most of the time.
  • Feeling resentful…

If any of the examples above holds true, it is telling you that you have there is a high possibility that you are not taking care of yourself and your own needs.  This means you have lost touch of WHO you are and WHAT you want in life.

When you lose the connections with your core essence, you are essentially being disconnected to your core-self.

Your children’s emotional well being

You are your child’s guiding force; your child will model your energy and thoughts that you display. They learn from WHO you are.

Your children’s emotional well being depends heavily on parent’s approval, yet parents’ awareness of ‘self’ will be the benchmark on how parents emphatise with their children’s emotional needs. When you live in a disconnected state, you will constantly feeling frustrated, resentful, judgmental, unhappy, angry… and your emotions will spill over to your family and your loved ones.


In order for you to reconnect to your own feelings, it starts with AWARENESS. By being aware and conscious about your feelings and reactions, you are better able to empathise with where those feelings are coming from, and what triggers them.

By doing that, you are able to make a more conscious decision to shift from the unpleasant feelings and emotions, and so take responsibility for what is to come.

How do you create awareness?

  • SLOW down and start listening to your inner voice.
  • Meditation can be very useful.
  • Find yourself a good life coach, energy healers, EFT practioners etc
  • Journaling – I find this a fantastic way to connect with your subconscious mind.

The benefits of reconnecting to self

By reconnecting to your core self…

When you shift your beliefs and start to reconnect to your core essence, you will start to notice the shift in your beliefs, you will …

  • find peace within yourself
  • feel healthier
  • learn to love yourself and others unconditionally
  • learn to forgive yourself
  • release the negative energy and false beliefs that are holding you back for being WHO you are
  • be more confident and assured
  • develop more compassion and acceptance of abundance
  • stand in your own power and authority.

Through the shifts in your unconscious beliefs, you will start to make peace with yourself. You become more aware of your senses, your thoughts, your emotions, your triggers… and you will be able to make decisions from a more conscious frame of mind.

By reconnecting to who you are and what you want to achieve in your life, you will then be able to really connect with your children and family through unconditional love, acceptance and in a calm and conscious way.