Let’s talk about the Jigsaw Puzzle – recently I took out a 1000 piece puzzle and started to assemble the pieces. I enjoyed it especially when I needed to relax or just do something totally different.

I remembered when I was growing up that my grandfather (who passed away when I was about 13 years old) always had puzzles on one of the tables in the home. Anyone who walked past would sit down and assemble a few pieces, but often would end up sitting there for more than half an hour.

I did that at home as well, and sometimes my daughter would join me and later my son would do the same. It is an amazing tool to attract and gather people together. My son would normally say, “I was supposed to come down for a glass of water, and it has been half an hour…and I am still sitting here…”

Connection and Communication

When you are in the process of searching for the pieces, normally you would not talk to each other, But we always end up having fantastic conversations, just sitting there…searching through the pieces and the conversation just flows, plus the pleasure and reward of seeing the whole puzzle when it is done!

Give it a go! It is really FUN!!!

Puzzles for toddlers

jigsaw puzzle

One way to get younger children to enjoy puzzles is to find the bigger piece puzzles, with attractive pictures. They are easy to assemble and it’s very encouraging for children when they have finished.

Work with them a few times to give them an idea of the process, and then leave it for them to figure it out.

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