Partnerships are special. I previously wrote about making a date with your spouse. The subject for this week: the importance of re-connecting with your spouse. Simple steps mean we can re-connect.

In the midst of everyday ‘I am busy’-ness with work, children, family, friends, chores… the person that we tend to take for granted the most is our spouse.

Do you agree?

We don’t realise it, as our spouse will be there sharing the ‘busy-ness’ with you every day. Sometimes when you are sitting next to your spouse, do you have anything in common to talk about apart from work, bills, chores and kids? What else do you talk about? Do you still remember those many years ago when you first met?

What was the feeling like?

Is it still there?

What were the things that both of you used to share before the kids and before all the bills started to pile up?

Dig deep, reflect and think back all those years …

What were the conversations about?

What was it that made you laugh?

What was it that made both of you decided to build a life together?

I believe those feelings are still there… you just have to FIND them! And the best way to do that is to start reconnecting with yourself and reflect. Reflect on the good times together, the time you spent laughing yourselves silly, talking through the night, arguing, debating, dating…

Do you still remember that?


Once you find the “HAPPY” feelings, keep them, cherished them and guard the feelings. Then commit yourself to make an effort and take time to rekindle and re-connect, as these are the feelings that will sustain your relationship through the ups and downs, through the happy and not so happy times…

I would love to hear your feedback whether this article has been helpful. Share your comments or your story below.

Have a connected day!!