I know Halloween is not as popular in Australia as other countries;however, I used to take my children and their friends for “treat or tricking” in our neighbourhood when they were young.

Do we celebrate ourselves? No, but I respect and enjoy celebrating special occasions, whether the occasions are celebrated here or somewhere else in the world. When I was growing up in Malaysia, which is a multicultural society, we celebrated Chinese New Year, Moon Care festival, Ramadan, Thaipusam, Christmas and many other festivities with fellow neighbours and friends who celebrated them. We would visit our friends and celebrate with them.

By celebrating festivities together, it is a time to rejoice with them and learn more about their culture and beliefs. It is one of the many ways to connect with each other … and celebrating Halloween is no different.

It is not part of my culture or our culture in Australia, but we rejoice with those who do.

What’s the benefit from doing so?

  • We become more aware of other people’s culture and beliefs.
  • Celebrating brings fellow neighbours and friends closer.
  • When I was walking with my children and their friends during the “trick-or-tricking”, we met up with fellow neighbours whom we would not have met otherwise.

In short, celebrating each other’s festivities brings communities closer together. People become more aware of each other’s culture and beliefs. This is one of the many ways to connect with each other.

So are you celebrating Halloween this year? Last year I made pastry twist for the kids; I have not decided what I am making this year.

What about you? How are you going to celebrate Halloween this year?