The benefits of hand written letters or cards

I love receiving physical cards and letters, especially from friends and relatives living all over the world. Don’t you?  However nowadays, with the technology advancement, physical cards and letters are becoming a thing of the past.

I agree that there are so many advantages in using an electronic medium to connect; I highly recommend you to do so, especially, when you can connect with almost everyone who has internet connections and a smart phone. Also it is much cheaper than acquiring cards and paying for postage, which I know can be quite expensive, especially in Australia.

However, when it comes to sending out greeting cards or letters, there are many benefits as well. Here’s why I think it is beneficial if you can incorporate handwritten letters and cards when communicating to your family and friends in this digital world.

Intimacy and deeper relationship

When you pen down your thoughts and express your feelings onto paper, you are able to communicate to the other party on a more personal level. You can share feelings more intimately and with more privacy, thus creating a space for more intimacy to establish a deeper relationship with the other party.

Personal gift

Have you ever received handmade gifts from friends or families? How did you feel?

Why are they more precious than shop bought products? Because these gifts are well thought through, planned and executed, and they take time to prepare. So naturally they are more precious, right?

It goes the same with personal handwritten notes.  When you write a personal note to your family or friend, you would take the time to pen down your thoughts and the effort to mail it to them. It is as though you are gifting a mini gift from your heart, thus, it will be treasured more.

Encouragement and love

I mentioned that when you make time for your children, they feel treasured and loved. It applies to writing a handwritten note as well. When you take the time to send a hand written note to someone, that person will be very happy (I know I will) to receive it. He or she will feel treasured, valued and loved by you, as they know you took the effort and time to connect and that you were actually thinking of them when you wrote.

Slows you down and reconnect with yourself

I know this is about writing letters or sending a card to someone; however, when you write, it is as though you are journaling.  It is about exploring your thoughts, feelings and emotions and putting them into words.

When you write, it helps you to reflect and recover self insights of your written words. So when you put your thoughts onto paper, it helps you to reflect your thought-process and highlight your life journey, sometimes shifting your thought towards more clarity and awareness.

It is all about your hand muscles – use it or lose it!

This I know very well – especially when I am on the computer all the time. When you stop using your fingers/hand to write, your fine motor skills deteriorate and your hand, finger and arm muscles weaken. So the more you write with a pen, the more you will continue to strengthen your hand muscles as well as maintaining your hand-eye coordination.

I hope I have convinced you to consider reconnecting to your writing and creativity through words. Grab some blank cards/writing pad, and start writing instead of typing, and surprise some of your relatives and friends by sending them a note through snail mail.

Happy Writing!

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