I still believe in hand writing

With the technological world we are in right now, reading and writing has changed. I am one of the many that took advantage of the convenience of technology and I share my passion with all of you. However, I am still a big supporter of young children being encouraged to do hand writing.

Let me share with you why.

Writing is one of the basic skills that is important at school or at work. I personally still use pen and paper most of the time when journaling or researching and drafting my plans for work.

Writing helps children to develop:

1.       Hand writing skills

  • How to hold onto the pencils when writing. How to hold the coloured pencils, crayons etc.
  • How much pressure to apply to apply onto the writing paper when writing or colouring

2.       Fine motor skills – Strengthening the hand, finger and arm muscles for writing.

3.       Hand-eye coordination – Helps with focus and visual concentration.

Take a look at his article from Daily Telegraph dated: “Schoolkids suffering hi-tech flabby fingers” http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/schoolkids-suffering-hi-tech-flabby-fingers/story-e6freuy9-1226634983985


Physical interactions such as holding your child’s hand when guiding them to write, is a fantastic way to create connections with them. Your child will feel your closeness, presence, patience and love through your warm hand, guiding them slowly writing onto the paper.

Learning starts at home

This is my favourite topic. Learning starts from the moment your child is born, therefore by holding his hand and having fun drawing or writing together, many things are happening. Not only will you be helping your child to develop their writing skills by directing his/her hand movements, you are also enhancing his/her brain development in the process through repetition and having fun together.

Interact with your child through everyday activities, encourage their creativity and physical hand movements (fine motor skills), especially when they are young. When they start high school, it is inevitable that they will be using computers more rather than relying on their hands for writing.

Bring out the pencils, coloured texters and paper whenever you have the opportunity. Throughout GoKids’s activities, we will be using hand writing rather than typing. I use a computer for my work most of the time, and my hand muscles are suffering. So I know how important it is to constantly practice and use the muscles, otherwise it will be harder to get them into shape to hold small objects.

My desire for your family: having a connected family that thrives on having strong relationships while empowering your children to be the best they can be through everyday interactions.

Have a fun and connected day with your family.