How to build trust with your children

The most effective way to inspire and influence your children

How do you impart your knowledge to or inspire your children?

How do you instill values on to your children?

How do you guide them?

We had dinner with a family friend recently and talked about inspiring our children. I want to share with you what we discussed as well as some ideas.

I believe that in order for your children to listen to you and trust your wisdom, the first step is to build the connections and bonding with them, in order to establish a strong relationships, which is the foundation of trust you establish with them.

Connections and Relationships

The foundation of any relationship is to first establish the connections with the people involved.

How do you do that? The easiest way is through shared experiences.

Connections and bonding are built on day to day interactions that you share together with your children, such as involving them in the day to day activities – such as doing house chores, cooking, shopping, planning for holiday, those bad days and meltdowns moments… etc. Be involved in their lives, problem solve together and have family discussions. It is through these precious moments that connections are developed and relationships are built.


The level of connectedness between you and your child is a reflection of the level of respect, love and trust you have with them. our child needs to feel comfortable to share things, feel safe to express their feelings and be confident enough to be themselves by believing and trusting in the world around her/him.

When they feel safe to be themselves, they are more willing to take risks, try new things, handle challenges and failures, and have the courage to pick themselves up and try again. Give your child the love, attention and care for them to grow, to find their voice and confidence, and to reach their potential.

Be the example you want your child to be

In fact, your child learns from WHO you are rather than what you say or tell.

Through experiencing and observing, your child learns and mimics your values and beliefs: how you behave, how you handle and resolve conflicts, how you interact with people, and how you conduct yourself daily.

Your thoughts, words and actions will influence your children, whether intentionally or unintentionally. They believe what you believe; your thoughts, your actions, your behaviour and your words will become their guiding force, and will potentially influence their lives.

Instill the values and beliefs that you want to impart to your children, be the example you want to see in them. Be your child’s inspiration and be the model of  what you want your child to be!

Have a fun and connected day with your family. Love your feedback.