Your child needs to feel safe

I have written a lot about how to create connections with your children, how to open up the communication channels with your children… However, today I would like to share some ways you can create opportunities to connect with your children.

Why is it important to create connections with your child/children?

Before we start, I would like you to grab your pen and paper (or iPad). Think about your child/children right now and write down the answers:

  • How do you feel when sitting next to your child?
  • What is the one thing that you and your child have in common?
  • If your child is running late coming home, would your child call to inform you?
  • When you ask your child a question, would your child ignore you or answer you immediately?
  • Would your child come to you when he or she needs advice or help?
  • Has your child ever confided in you  – about something important or personal ?
  • Would you accompany your child to a movie?
  • Has your child talk about his or her friends with you?
  • Do you know when your child is upset without him or her telling you?
  • Has your child shared his or her feelings with you?

The above questions act as a guide as to:

  • how connected you are with your child
  • how much you know about your child, and
  • the level of trust that you have between you and your child.

The level of connectedness between you and your child is a reflection of the level of respect, love and trust between you and your child.

For your child to feel comfortable to share things, he or she needs to feel safe to express their feelings, and feel safe to be themselves. In other words, it relates to the level of trust she or he feels in the world around her/him.

Have a think about this and have a connected day with your familyđŸ™‚