How to connect and have fun when planning your grocery list?

Connections and bonding are about shared experiences

Parents are busy; we often struggle to find enough time for our families, thus, how do you find the time to connect and bond with our children?

So let’s ask ourselves, what is one thing that you need to do daily or weekly (at least apart from house cleaning)? – The weekly grocery shopping!

But first, I am going to talk about how to have fun while planning for your grocery shopping – by involving your children.

Sometimes, we think that it is faster to do it ourselves; it takes less time, less effort to just write down a list, rather than having to involve the family. Yes, you may be right; however, in order to create the opportunity to spend more time with your children, this is a great and a fun way to connect with them.

There are many ways you can create connections with your children, but today, I am going to share with you how you can use the opportunity of your weekly grocery shopping time as a fun way to connect with your children.

So let’s utilise this opportunity to get your children involved in the planning for the weekly meals. Get them to contribute ideas, suggest what they would love to eat, and list what ingredients are needed in each dish.

Involve your children

Firstly, it does not matter what you would like to eat or what you need to replenish from your pantry, so long as your children are involved. Their input is valued and they are having fun at the same time; children love to be part of your what you are doing.

So when preparing the shopping lists and menu for the week, include your children as well. They will love it.

For example:

  • Make the time and create a relaxed space in the kitchen to discuss meals. Ask them what they would like to have to dinner for the week, and maybe suggest a few dishes or check out new recipes to try.
  • Allow every child to have an opportunity to suggest what dish they would like for that week.
  • Get them to write down what ingredients are needed for their dish/dishes (even on a tablet or mobile phone).
  • After that, go through the pantry and fridge, checking for existing ingredients. Then write down the ingredients that are needed, as well as the quantity.
  • For younger child, they can cut out images from catalogues and paste them on their own shopping list (supervision is needed).

Connecting with your child

Connecting with your children is about making time and fully participating and interacting with them. By creating the opportunity to sit down and communicate together, you are enabling both you and your children to connect on a deeper level through touching, communicating and sharing, which in turn leads to a better relationship with your children.

But most of all, have FUN! When they are enjoying themselves, they are more enthusiastic about what they are doing, and will do to their best to please you at the same time. Children remember how they feel about a situation rather than what you tell them.

Have fun connecting and empowering your children through daily connections such as planning your grocery shopping list.

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