Loving messages in your child's lunch bag

I have written quite a few articles on how we can create connections with our children by interacting daily through fun activities.

Connecting with your children is about interacting with them regularly, sharing ideas, communicating, and bonding at the same time. By interacting with them, you are literally creating connections on both the physical level as well as on the emotional level. This is how you build trust with your children, so that they feel safe to open up to you as they get older, and you establish a solid parent child relationship.

There are so many ways to connect with your children; however, the ideas that I share are based on “everyday” activities – and today’s idea is about using your lunch bag/box to connect.

You see, a lunch bag/box is precious for your child, especially at school. It contains their food for both morning tea and lunch, which are made with LOVE! Imagine when they open up their lunch box, they notice your loving messages… plus when food is prepared from love, it gives them a warm feeling of love, warmth and being treasured. You can write on the paper lunch bag (recyclable product) or place a note in a lunch box.

What messages can you share?

Examples like:

  • Have a fun day J
  • Love you heaps!
  • Don’t forget our date after school … (The date can be having afternoon tea together after school/visiting library etc).
  • Enjoy the special treat – specially made for you J
  • Other special messages

Note, you can leave notes for older children too. I still do that for my university children whenever I pack their lunches – Yes, adults need FUN too!

Loving Messages and Thoughts … and Your Child’s Lunch Bags

Sharing messages or experiences is about sharing your thoughts and love with your children. This is no different from sending your loved ones a letter in the mail or an e-mail, sharing about your day, and showing concern about their well being. By you thinking about them, you are sending out a positive and lovely energy to them.

Some aspiring messages can be:

  • Well done!
  • You are doing great, keep up the good work!
  • You are an inspiration! Keep it up!
  • Do your very best!
  • I am proud of you!

There are so many things you can add to your children’s lunch boxes or write on their lunch bags. Even a short joke for older children ….

Have you done this before?

What other messages can you share with the community?

Please share them below. Have a fun day with the family!