It is not just a box of takeaway noodles – it is about what it represents!

What’s so special about this box of takeaway noodles? From the first look – there is nothing special about this box of noodles, right? It is just an ordinary noodle that you can pick up from most takeaway outlets.

But is it?

What I am going to share with you today is not so much about what noodle this is or how to cook it… but what the box of the noodles REPRESENTS!

This container of noodles was brought home by my young adult son. He got it during his lunch break and carried it all the way home for me, and you ask why? Because he knows I like this noodle dish.

So every time when he stops by at this eatery during his lunch break, he will consciously order an extra serve of this noodle dish to bring it home to share with everyone. I am always very touched when he takes the noodles out of his work bag … and would always say to myself… he remembers… and he cares!

I am proud of my children (both my son and daughter) for their thoughtfulness and caring nature. Looking back at those 20+ years with my children… it was definitely a journey in itself and a journey to be proud of.

I am sharing this sentiment with you; it is not to brag about my children, nor about my parenting methods, but to share with you this message – parenting is a journey!

Over the past 20+ years, my own parenting journey was a journey of joy, happiness, sadness, anxiousness, worry, feeling unsure, and often I did not know what to do … as well as a journey of awareness.

We had our shares of ups and downs with my children; we had our fights, our door slamming moments, our yelling and shouting moments, our saying sorry moments, and our tear-filled moments. I also had my own sleepless nights moments worrying about the “hows”, “whys”, “don’t knows” , “what am I going to do”, ” “will my children hate me”, “I am a mean mum moment”, “how could I do that to them moments” etc.

Now looking back… was it worth it?

You see, as parents, especially migrant parents, there are so much challenges that we face daily – the lack of time due to work, the generational gaps, conflicting values and outlook due to cultural clashes, children challenging our ideology of parenting, lack of family support, your own needs not being met, tiredness, language issues, financial issues etc.

You name it, we have been through it… but right now, looking back… I asked myself: Was the journey worth it? Am I proud of the journey?

When I look at the box of noodles… deep down I know that after all the ups and downs, so many mistakes and lessons in the middle… and yet they still care enough to remember that I like the noodles and they made the effort to carry the dish back from work…

So… Yes… It is worth it! And I am super proud of them!

So, remember dear parent, being a parent to your child/children is about your journey you share with your family!

It is not a race, and not something you want to compare with others… it is your own journey that you share together.

It is through all the vulnerabilities, ups and downs, through trials and errors, and learning along the way. It is through the sorry phase after the fight and argument, it is through the relief phase after the worrying, and it is through the laughing until tummy ache together moments…this is where the magic of bonding happens, this is when relationships are formed! And this is all about being part of a FAMILY!

So the box of noodles to me represents the journey with my family – the love we share and the relationships we built together!

Now go and enjoy and love your family. They are worth it!