What kitchen appliances is are right for you?

Invest in equipment that saves time and makes life easier!

I remembered having a conversation with a friend a few years ago about how she placed all her T shirts in her washing machine to wash but hand-washed all her towels and jeans that took a lot of time to wash.

I was amazed as to why she would not use the machine for thicker and harder to wash materials. So I asked her why? She said that she was afraid that the machine would ruin her jeans.

I told her that I had my pair of jeans for many years and they had gone through the machine dozens of times but they are still all right. I assured her and encouraged her to try, and told her that the machines are here to make our lives easier. They are made to ease the workload so that we can focus on more important things in life.

For example, in your kitchen, how many appliances do you invest in over the years? How many pots and pans, juicers, steamers, garlic peelers etc do you have? Have a look through your kitchen and take a note on what you actually have.

I have to admit that I love checking out appliances and kitchen stores, checking out what interesting gadgets are out there.

Allow me to share the equipment that I use every day:

  • Rice cooker – I cook rice every day, so a rice cooker is a must. I can still recall the days when we had to cook rice on the stove, and had to standby to watch the heat so as to not burn the rice.
  • Wok – for my Asian dishes, I stir fry every day, so the wok is my most important tool for my everyday cooking.
  • Electric steamer – This is an appliance that I can’t live without. I use this to heat up my leftovers every morning, or I steam fish or vegetables in there; I just need to set the timer and wait for it to cook.
  • Oven – I use oven at least once or twice a week.
  • My electric blender – I use it every day to mince my meat, mince fish for fish balls, mince larger quantities of garlic etc
  • Dishwasher – I grew up washing dishes by hand; however, after so many years in Australia where a dishwasher is a norm, I don’t think I can ever get used to not having one.
  • Gas cook top – nothing beats a very powerful fire and a very hot wok for proper stir frying.
  • Fridges – Can you imagine if you have to head out to do your grocery shopping every day because you don’t have a fridge to keep your food?

So what kitchen appliances are right for you? It is very individual, and depends whether you stir fry more or steam more. I know many friends who prefer the oven to the steamer etc. But one thing that I am very sure of, the right kitchen utensils and appliances will help you save time and make your cooking experiences more pleasurable and fun.

However, before you invest in any appliance, do your research either online or visit appliance shops. Book a demo classes before investing in large items, and I hope you will love your appliances like I do.

What is your favourite equipment or appliance in your kitchen?