Make cooking a joyful and fun experiences

Sometimes we rely on things that we forgot how useful they are until they broke down, i.e. a dishwasher. You see, my dishwasher broke down last week, and it brought back the reality of hand washing all the plates and utensils that I used for my cooking.

When I had the dishwasher fully operational, I did not mind how many utensils, plates, pots etc that I use when preparing for my cooking.

However, when I had to hand wash all the pots and pans after each cooking session, I started to realise how important kitchen appliances are in our daily lives, and how much we have relied on them to make our lives less stressful and more joyful in the kitchen.

I personally believe our electrical appliances and other gadgets are there to save you time and energy for your food preparation, and enable you to have a more joyful cooking experience.

For example, my ‘must have’ utensil in my kitchen would be my rice cooker! I cook rice every day, so a rice cooker is a must. I just add water to my rice, and just enjoy the end result without having to worry whether the rice will be cooked. NB: It is also a very useful steamer as well  🙂

I can still recall those days when we had to cook rice on the stove, and had to standby to watch the heat-level so as to not burn the rice. I can’t imagine cooking rice on the stove again.

Another important gadget in my kitchen is the pressure cooker. I actually have two pressure cookers. They are extremely useful when you have to cook two dishes together and they need to be cooked in under 30 minutes, for example, a soup dish and another a meat dish cooking simultaneously. Unless you are home most of the time to watch other your cooking, a pressure cooker can be your best friend when you have to cook and serve in under 30 minutes.

Another kitchen gadget is my electric blender – I invested in a more powerful one that I can mince my meat, make fish balls, or mince a large quantity of garlic for everyday use with a click of a button.

When I was growing up, we had to use the mortar and pastel to manually pound the garlic, chilli, lemongrass, ginger etc., which could take 5-10 minutes to prepare. However, now with the gadget, we could mill a handful of paste within seconds.

To be very frank, we could afford the manual traditional way of cooking methods in my parent’s home back in Malaysia because we had a few people in the kitchen at the same time to help prepare the meals. On top of that, we had our grandfather and other relatives outside to look after the children.

However, right now, you are on your own with hungry children to cater for, activities and errands to run, plus you may be tired and hungry yourself… so please, make use of your kitchen gadgets and make your life easier, and start using your kitchen appliances and bring more joy to your cooking experiences.

Happy cooking!