Fill your love cup with fun and play

Play is just as important for adults.

Adults have somehow forgotten about play, and they replace play with work and other life responsibilities. As we now know the benefits of PLAY in the child’s development and health issues for both children and parents, parents need to take the lead – let’s PLAY! and have some FUN!

Modern Day Lifestyle

With the ever increasing workload and parenting, adults tend to forget about their own physical and emotional wellness. They are constantly rushing, worrying about their work, children and the household, and worrying about finances; as a result, this rushing causes anxiety, stress and eventually diseases.

During work, adults would be in front of the computer the whole day and sometimes at night, then they would be so tired and zone out in front of the TV. That is not play.

Emotional Wellness

When you are playing with your children, you too will find that after playing, you will feel more energised and relaxed. This is because the frustrations, irritations and stress energy you carry the whole day actually makes you tired and exhausted. So play and be more connected with your children, and vice versa through engagement, touching, cuddling and laughing together.

Reconnect with self and nurture your relationships

Adults should also give themselves permission to play again. Adults need to re-discover the joy and pleasure of play that they had in childhood, and start laughing again. Play distracts you from the stress from day to day responsibilities and brings joy and vitality back into your life and relationships. And this way you reconnect with self.

Play also helps people to the path of self discovery. Through play, they laugh; they find joy and happiness and start to reconnect to their inner child. Being yourself is the time when you feel free, joy, and happiness. You can be totally at ease at being yourself. This way you have more energy for your children and relationships.

Make sometime in your day to PLAY and bring JOY and FUN back to your life.

Do leave me a comment below and have a connected day with your family.

Have a connected day with your family.