The difference between attunement and connections

As parents, our priority is to be able to establish strong and loving connections and relationships with our children. We try our best to make time to be involved in their lives; we learn about social media so that we can speak their language and to connect with them, and to love them always unconditionally.

However, sometimes you feel that there is still a “gap” between you and your children, wondering what do you need to do to get your message across and how to influence them in a positive way…?

Do you feel that sometimes your words and intentions are not getting through to them? Do they understand that you have their best interest at heart?

I have talked about connections with our children, making time, creating the space, making one meal time a family time etc.

What else can you do?  – Be emotionally attuned to your child.

Imagine coming back from work, feeling uptight and stressed, what could be your immediate needs? Having someone to listen to you? I mean deep listening, and to listen without judgment? It is the same with what your child needs – emotional attunement.

Emotional attunement

This is a crucial step to really connect with your child. It is not only the connections you have with your children, but the level of emotional attunement that stems from the non-verbal communication between you and your children. It is about how well you understood and were attuned to your child’s needs and empathised with their feelings. Attunement empowers your child to communicate and express themselves confidently and without fear of judgment, because they feel loved. When attuned, children know what they have to say is understood and valued.

Make time to listen, be emotionally available and be present when communicating with your children, and build the trust. This is how you can influence and empower your children to be the best they can be, while enjoying a close and warm relationship with them.

Have fun with your family. Connect, but also be attuned.