Turn daily chores with your children into connections and bonding opportunities

How to turn daily chores with your children into family connections and bonding opportunities

Ideally, parents would love to spend as much time as they possible could with their children; however, in reality, it does not work that way.

There are chores to do in the home, and there are careers and obligations to be fulfilled in order to support the family. There are also after school activities, meals to be prepared, your children’s school work to look into, let alone other commitments for extended families and friends.

So in this busy world of ours, how do you find the time to connect with your children?

Connections and relationships

Connections and establishing relationships with your children is about shared experiences, whether it be communicating with them, working on projects together, or experiencing those meltdowns moments together etc.

So with parents being busy and tired at the end of the day, how could you create the opportunity to connect with your children without feeling forced and resentful?

Daily chores

Have you thought of using daily chores as an opportunity to connect and spend time with your children?

You see, children really enjoy interacting with adults, especially their own parents. To them it is a special time with the person they love and trust. They would not mind how you interact with them, as long as they are with you, sharing what you are doing, and having FUN together.

So for example, when you are unloading your dishwasher, invite your children to help you put away the dishes.

Younger child:

  • They can help with sorting out the cutlery and putting them back in the drawers.
  • Stack the plastic cups, bowls and plates.

Older Child:

  • Help with plates, bowls and cutlery and place them correctly in their appropriate place.
  • The younger sibling can hand them the plates and they can put them back appropriately – learning about team work.
  • If the dishes are not dried from the dishwasher, they can help by using the teatowel to dry them.


No matter what you do, remember to have FUN!

Children remember how they FEEL about a situation or experience, and it is not so much about what you tell them or teach them.  They will remember the laughter and the fun stuff you shared together,  your smiling face, your happy voice/tone, your happy and relaxed body posture etc.

When they feel your love, your joy, your smiles and your encouragement, they will feel relaxed, and they will continue to enjoy the Interaction (play to a child). For children … they would love to be with you, and are continually looking for opportunities to connect with you and thrive… because they can feel your love and the security that you are providing for them.

Wouldn’t that be our priority? We want to connect with our children, to love them unconditionally and to enable them to learn and grow without the fear of being judged- yes or no?

Have fun with your children, and find joy in everything you do.

Use everyday opportunities / daily chores to connect, bond and empower your children to be happy, and relaxed and to become confident individuals!

Have a FUN day with your family!